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I really, really, like having this sort of dilemma.

To resume the graduate school situation to date to date:
I’ve applied for McGill, Queen’s, WLU, Western Ontario, Dalhousie, and Memorial (in descending order of preference).

  • I have heard back from WLU, of course, with the offer of a one-year Master’s (two 4100 dollar teachers assistantships, one 2500 dollar scholarship).
  • I have heard back from Queen’s, as below.
  • I have heard back from WLU:

We are very close to having our final list. I shall get back to you tomorrow or (at the very latest) first thing on Monday.

  • I have heard back from McGill:

I am afraid that our MA deliberations haven’t begun yet so the Graduate Administration Committee won’t be able to tell you anything for a few weeks. Even then you should know that we rarely offer our MA students any funding — sometimes we are able to give one or two TAships and/or a small fellowship (again, only to one or two incoming MAs). I hope this information is of use to you.

  • I have heard back from Memorial:

Yes, the Graduate Committee met yesterday, and decided to accept you into the M.A. Program; but we are unable, at this time, to offer you any funding.

  • I have not heard back from Dalhousie.

McGill and Memorial have excluded themselves. Dalhousie hasn’t responded yet, but whatever it does likely won’t be enough–I want out of the Maritimes, dammit! Western Ontario may yet redeem themselves, though I’m also skeptical. I want to be in central Canada, not on the fringes!

McGill, Queen’s, and Wilfrid Laurier were (I believe) my top choices, three of the Old Four. So, Queen’s and Wilfrid Laurier are running neck-in-neck.

I have applied, in all cases, for straight English Master’s degrees.

I’ve gotten the package from WLU, and they–so far as I can tell–are offering only eight courses. Queen’s, though, judging by the 2002-2003 course listing, is rather different.

I like theory.

Queen’s is lower-pressure, as you could tell from Dr. Straznicky’s approach versus WLU’s more authoritarian contract-driven nature. Never mind the monetary difference.

And I like theory very much.

So. Queen’s, so far, is looking good.

I’m tempted, provisionally, to agree with my friend James:

“I’d pick Queens over WLU just on the basis that it, as a university, generally has a higher prestige level – can’t speak to the program specifically. Queens also has, or did, a fanatically loyal student body which makes for a pretty rich social life in Kingston, which is itself a nice little city. If I had to guess, they’d have a more active LGBT community at Queens. You’re also, as you point out, closer to Montreal, and would be on a direct train line to Toronto.”


Written by Randy McDonald

February 28, 2003 at 7:50 pm

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