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From the Kalabarian Philosophy website, an analysis of my name:

The first name of Randy creates a shrewd, aggressive, business nature, intent on personal gain. The desires for independence and financial success have been strong motivating forces from early in your life. You are capable of logical and analytical thinking along practical business lines, and could excel in financial fields, law, or politics. Your judgment is seldom swayed through your feelings. You have definite executive and leadership abilities, however others may find you to be rather forceful and uncompromising. More congenial business and personal relationships would result from being more tactful and more aware of the needs of others. If you sacrifice too much for material ambition, there may result a lack of harmony and balance in your personal life. Your health could suffer through ailments centring in the head. Also, the generative organs could be affected.

Well. That’s interesting.

Written by Randy McDonald

March 30, 2003 at 5:35 pm

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