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Some Petrarch

Rime 134

Petrarch’s Original Prose Translation
Pace non trovo e non ò da far guerra,
e tomo e spero, et ardo e son un ghiaccio
e volo sopra ‘l cielo e giaccio in terra
e nulla stringo e tutto ‘l mondon abbraccio.

Tal m’à in pregion, che non m’apre né serra,
né per suo mi riten né scioglie il laccio,
e non m’ancide Amore e non mi sferra,
né mi vuol vivo né me trae d’impaccio.

Veggio sensza occhi e non o lingua e grido,
e bramo di perir e cheggio aita,
et ò in odio me stesso ed amo altrui.

Pascomi di dolor, piagendo rido,
egualmente mi spiaco morte e vita:
in questo stato son, Donna, per vui.

I find no peace and have no strength to make war,
and I fear and hope, I burn and am ice,
and I fly above the heavens and lie upon the ground,
and I grasp nothing and all the world I embrace.

One has me in prison,
who neither opens nor locks the door for me,
and either keeps me as hers nor unties the bonds,
and Love neither kills me nor frees me from my chains,
and neither wants me alive nor rescues me from trouble.

I see without eyes,
I have no tongue and I cry out,
I yearn to perish and I beg for help,
I hate myself and love another.

I feed on pain and laugh while weeping,
death and life equally displease me:
in this state am I, Lady, because of you.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 26, 2003 at 11:52 pm

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