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[BRIEF NOTE] On Alliance Homophobia

It might not be defeated–my thanks to Craig for linking to the article on Spencer–but at least it’s not officially approved:

Alliance fires MP for anti-gay comments

Spencer said Trudeau was wrong to make it legal

CanWest News Service
Thursday, November 27, 2003

Canadian Alliance MP Larry Spencer has been fired as the party’s family issues critic by Stephen Harper.

The Canadian Alliance leader says Spencer’s comments on homosexuality were totally unacceptable and do not reflect the party’s stance on gays.

Spencer has resigned voluntarily from caucus.

His longterm future has yet to be decided.

The Saskatchewan MP said the conspiracy included the seduction and recruitment of young boys in playgrounds and locker rooms and the deliberate infiltration of North American’s judiciary, schools, religious community and entertainment industry.

The movement’s progress in gaining public acceptance for homosexuality would have been slowed if former prime minister Pierre Trudeau had not legalized homosexuality in 1969, said Spencer, a U.S.-born former Baptist pastor.

He also said he thinks “it’s so sad that we have to take an issue like this and be asked to put the Good Housekeeping seal of approval on it without being allowed to tell the truth and talk about facts.”

One of those facts is that homosexuals, due to AIDS and other health problems, have a far lower life expectancy than straight men, Spencer said.

“Let’s just say if . . . anybody that used Colgate toothpaste, their life expectancy was lowered by 10, 15 years. What do you think would happen to Colgate toothpaste? It would be outlawed. Well, we know that’s what happens to men living a gay lifestyle.”

Spencer told the Sun there will soon be strong pushes to legalize polygamy and pedophilia.

He also said people who have been practising homosexuals for most of their adult lives, like New Democratic MP Svend Robinson, could transform themselves into heterosexuals.

He pointed out that someone could hate long-distance running or weightlifting but then train themselves in that area and learn to love it.

“So the human body can be sensitized or desensitized. The mind or the conscience . . . can be sharpened against right or wrong. It can be desensitized to think that whatever is wrong that’s around us is nothing but natural and we begin to accept that.”

Spencer represents the riding of Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre.

Myself, I’ve always regretted that the conspiracy apparently doesn’t extend to me. I’d have appreciated some help with my tuition, for instance; guaranteed tenure would also be good. Oh well.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 27, 2003 at 12:29 pm

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