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The Weekly Update

Some interesting, if minor, things, have happened over the past week. I bought the West Side Story original scrore along with the 7th edition of the State of the World atlas Monday; Tuesday, I quite enjoyed Don DeLillo’s short story “The Angel Esmerelda,” which was another decent story that appropriately and enjoyable combined his anti-capitalism and anti-materialism with narrative; Wednesday, I went to the class I’m TAing for and delivered the essays I checked (a median of 67, incidentally), seeing a flaming Leonid on leaving; Thursday was my last class in the semester;

I’ve added some links: Phil Hunt’s Cabalamat blog and Fabian‘s blog can be found under SHWIer blogs, The Invisible Adjunct to non-SHWIer blogs, 8-bit Theatre as another comic (thanks mikedavsi!), an article on an alien species known as the Sung for the 2300AD setting (it’s a hobby).

Wyatt project has gone even worse than I expected. I think I got an extension, but this paper is killing me. I just had such a difficult time getting the thesis to resolve, and have such a hard time with the application of the thesis to Wyatt’s poetry … Ack. I hate this. The other papers, for Literary Theory and for New York City Literature, should go much better–they concern topics I’m actually interested in.

Oh, and I’m missing a pair of glasses. Grr.

Written by Randy McDonald

November 28, 2003 at 9:49 pm

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