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[BRIEF NOTE] Russia, Germany, and the Jews

Lucian Kim’s fascinating article in The Moscow Times, “A Friendship Revived Is Built on a Dark Past,” begins by noting the circumstances of the extraordinary revival of German Jewry:

While working as a correspondent in Berlin, I reported several stories on the extraordinary revival of the city’s Jewish community. Replenished by Jews from the former Soviet Union, it is now largely Russian-speaking.

The last time I visited the Jewish community center, I felt as though I had stepped into an old folks’ home in Russia. On a bulletin board there were faded photographs showing the youthful faces of Red Army soldiers who had helped crush Nazi Germany. I learned that some 70 World War II veterans were living in the capital of a country that had once set out to exterminate “Bolshevik Jews.”

It seemed ironic, to say the least, that the nation that had waged a racially motivated war against the Soviet Union would end up becoming a magnet for Russian-speaking Jews.

It goes on to some interesting places.

Written by Randy McDonald

August 30, 2004 at 9:35 pm

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