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[URBAN NOTE] Bloor between Spadina and Bathurst

When I remarked that I needed to see more of Toronto, bitterlawngnome kindly offered to show me around a neighbourhood or two in Toronto. Today, I followed him as he took me west on Bloor Street West, starting at the Spadina TTC and heading over to Bathurst Street.

I really like having locals giving me a running commentary of their neighbourhood. Perhaps this stems from my positive association of narrated travel with my first real job, with the Prince Edward Island Department of Tourism as a visitor counsellor sending me off on a week-long narrated excursion around the Island, free of charge. I know very well that I lack a network of associations relative to unencountered places, people. Any help that I can get in building up these networks is much appreciated. And so, my gratitude goes out to willing local guides.

We slowly headed west, bitterlawngnome pointing out various stores, restaurants, and other attractions of note as we went. We ducked into Honest Ed’s where for the first time I took more than a casual glance at some of the sprawling store’s peripheries. My travelling companion took some pictures of me amidst the bricabrac, and two of these are online.

Me and a wall clock featuring the Virgin Mary.

Me, photographed amidst the roses.

Thence to David Mirvish Art Books. It’s a fantastic store; I use the word “fantastic,” incidentally, in the sense of Dictionary.com‘s definitions 2c and 3. I must go back, not least since there was a fascinating book on French-style architecture in Cairo dating from Egypt’s 1860s’s flirtation with Europe.

After that, we headed east for dinner at Future Bakery and Café (I opted for the day’s special, meatloaf with potatoes, gravy, and salad), followed by ice cream at Greg’s Ice Cream (small serving, lemon meringue flavour). I had hoped to catch Tafelmusik‘s concert tonight at the ROM, but it turned out there weren’t any tickets. I was lucky enough to meet up with djjo and vaneramos at the Museum; these worthy gentlemen were smart and planned ahead.

Oh, and I doubled back on my route to buy a futon. So, yay! to my imminent acquisition of a non-floor sleeping surface!

Written by Randy McDonald

November 26, 2004 at 10:00 pm

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