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[BRIEF NOTE] More on the AUT

Jonathan Edelstein has a post up about the British AUT’s selective boycott of Israeli academic institutions. I’ve written about the boycott already. The accusations of anti-Semitism are understandable, but still strike me as (mostly) ill-founded and bordering upon gratuitous slurs. But then, I should know better than to expect die-hard protagonists of either side in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute to be intellectually honest and deserving of respect. More fool me.

No, I don’t support the boycott. I’m motivated equally by optimism and pessimism. Optimistically, Israelis and Palestinians are nations strongly marked by talent which have already contributed much to the wider world and should be allowed to contribute much more. Pessimistically, Israelis and Palestinians have shown little sustained willingness to compromise on core demands but have demonstrated a willingness to inflict as much suffering as possible upon the other side’s civilian population, and one may as well let Israelis and Palestinians participate in the wider world before their mutual annihilation.

Yes, I know that I’m talking in generalities about large diverse populations which probably don’t want to head towards this outcome, but that’s part of what’s Greek tragedy’s about. If only the maniacs weren’t in control of the state apparatuses and military forces. For the time being, I’ll simply echo The Simpsons and echo Principal Skinner’s exhortation to his students in “The PTA Disbands”:

Edna: Our demands are very reasonable. By ignoring them, you’re selling out these children’s future!
Skinner: Oh, come on, Edna: we both know these children
have no future!
all the children stop and look at him]
chuckles nervously] Prove me wrong, kids. Prove me wrong.

Written by Randy McDonald

April 28, 2005 at 2:13 pm

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