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[BRIEF NOTE] New American Alliances?

Last week, the United States’ new ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, threw a spanner into the works by demanding the the UN massively revise its goals. Over at the European Tribune group blog, Jerome a Paris described the most prominent of these demands succintly.

Amongst his requirements:

  • drop “respect for nature” amongst our fundamental principles (human rights, freedom, tolerance, etc…);
  • drop the “millenium objectives” signed in 2000 (including by the US) that state among other precise targets that developped countries must target to increase development aid to 0.7% of GDP and help reduce poverty by half in 2015;
  • drop all references to the Kyoto Treaty, to the ICC (International Crimila Court), and and acknowledgement that global warming is a “serious issue”;
  • drop all references to the goal for nuclear powers to give up these weapons.

Now, according to Le Monde, the United States is trying to hobble the debate by introducing procedural matters to slow things down. One of the most prominent American allies? Iran.

It’s good to know that the Iranian-American alliance is working so well. First an Islamic republic in Iraq, now slowing down United Nations reform. What next, I wonder?

Written by Randy McDonald

August 31, 2005 at 4:35 pm

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