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[MEME] That five-question interview meme

Thanks to agirlnamedluna for getting me started.

1. How powerful do you think the medium of blogging is?Not that powerful, to be honest. Blogging’s greatest strength lies in its ability to bring together different people and different facts into a single forum, to establish relationships that otherwise never could have forms. Let’s face it: Without blogging, I doubt that I in Ontario could ever be in contact with someone in, say, Flanders. Blogging can build up useful networks of critical intelligences. The only problem with blogging is that too often, these networks can never be brought to bear on the major issues of the day. This is starting to change as blogging becomes legitimized and professionalized, but to the extent that it becomes these things it will change.

2. How far would you be willing to go to get a job? I mean in means of changing yourself, hiding things, etc. I’d like to think that I’d do whatever it takes.

3. How much do you read a day/week to keep your blog up-to-date? What are the things you focus on, which sources do you discard?I tend to blog about the things that I’m interested in and read about already. When I write about the latest book on the Kerguelens, or about a science fiction novel I’ve recently consumed, or about the similarities and differences between Iceland and Newfoundland, I’m writing about subjects that I’ve read about already. Sad as it is to say, quasi-academic blogging is the culmination of a lot of my offtime. Going out of the way to read something for a post I’d like to make is another thing entirely. Perhaps I devote an hour a day to this? I can’t be more precise than that, I fear.

4. You’re allowed to intervene in only three issues in the world, any issues. What do you change and why?I’d work on gender relations, Sino-American tensions, and Iranian-American relations. These three issues have the potential to determine the course of the 21st century, for good and for ill. I’d much prefer that they’d do so for good, since I’d rather like to avoid catastrophically mismanaged world wars.

5. You’re allowed one power – which one will you take?I’ve always been profoundly interested in understanding how other people think, in discovering how they see the world through their eyes. To this end, I’d pick telepathy. (No, I wouldn’t read other people’s minds against their wills. I wouldn’t be that kind of a telepath.)

If anyone has some questions they’d like to ask me, go ahead.

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April 30, 2006 at 10:30 pm

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