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[LINK] Four Livejournal Links

  • arpad links to an old Cold War-era pulp novel, The Texas-Israeli War of 1999. Yes, that’s the title.
  • srk1 introduces his unwary readers to a series of remarkable statements made by Martin Amis recently, regarding how everyone really is in a mood to go after Muslims. Did we think the 21st century would be free of pogroms?
  • optimussven introduces his readers to the fine nuances of Middle Eastern nouns and adjectives. Me, it’s the frequent failure to distinguish between “Arabian” and “Arab” that makes me despair.
  • nhw discusses flaws of Dawkins’ critique of religion. Can an argument that doesn’t engage with the mindset of an ideology’s proponents be valid?

Written by Randy McDonald

February 17, 2007 at 12:55 am

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