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[LINK] Some Friday links

  • Broadsides’ Antonia Zerbisias reports that, already, some people are criticizing Michelle Obama in … suspiciously charged ways.
  • Centauri Dreams reports that astronomers have taken the first infrared image of a planet, this one being a gas giant that swoops amazingly close to its primary and superheats portions of its atmosphere. And we know which portions.
  • Daniel Drezner lets us know that Jessica Alba knows more about the history of the Second World War that Bill O’Reilly. Seriously.
  • Paul Wells shares the exciting news that “[t]he era of federal-provincial bickering is over. It is now the era of federal-provincial open threats,” what with the Quebec finance minister warning the Conservatives to be careful because, you know, if federal elections come …
  • Joe. My. God. reports that a spokeperson for the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland said that gays shouldn’t adopt because they die early. Sigh.
  • Over at Passing Strangeness, pauldrye writes about the Republic of Ezo, an attempt by progressive feudal lords in Japan at the beginning of the Meiji period to make the northern island of Hokkaido an autonmomous state.
  • Slap Upside the Head reports that at least one American conservative thinks that GLBT folk want to join the military because they want to have sex, with heterosexuals of course.
  • Windows on Eurasia reports that Moldova may be about to leave the largely irrelevant GUAM group and that Russian oligarchs really like blogging.

Written by Randy McDonald

January 30, 2009 at 7:32 am

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