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[LINK] “Metropass Opens More Doors”

This news item certainly goes a long way to justify my monthly purchase of a Metropass, a swipe card allowing me unlimited travel on the entire TTC network.

It used to be that a Metropass would only get you as far as the front door of Toronto’s hot spots.

But starting this summer, your transit pass also will get you past the door — for a reduced price — at five of the city’s top tourist destinations. The first phase of a new affinity program at the TTC means Metropass holders will get a 20 per cent discount at the Toronto Zoo, Ontario Place, the CN Tower, the Ontario Science Centre and Casa Loma.

The program ties into Tourism Toronto’s Stay-cation theme, in which recession-ridden residents are being encouraged to enjoy local attractions.

“It’s a good thing for our customers. It provides a value-add. Metropass customers are our most loyal by purchasing a monthly pass, so it’s a nice little extra for them,” said TTC chief marketing officer Alice Smith.

The program isn’t expected to cost the TTC anything other than promotions on the system.

“The attractions are offering a discount on admission but hopefully they would make it up in terms of volume,” said Smith.

Written by Randy McDonald

May 28, 2009 at 11:36 am

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