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[META] I’ve finally figured out Twitter! (@rfmcdpei)

I know how to use it!

It acts as a sort of RSS feed, yes, the sort that I already have via my FeedDemon reader. It’s a place where you can find out things quickly. I just found out that the Voyager 2 spacecraft is almost thirteen light-hours from Earth thanks to Twitter. Twitter’s advantage is that it’s a personal feed, a palimpsest with others’ comments and wit and quotidian observations. There may well be a worthwhile community there. TweetDeck has certainly proven to be a worthwhile download.

So. I’m at @rfmcdpei! My three lists–@rfmcdpei/news, @rfmcdpei/people, and @rfmcdpei/space–are listed on the sidebar below the link to my Twitter profile. Follow me, follow the things I read, follow everything, it’s up to you.

Thanks to @osirius for providing me with the first few Twitter users to pick up, the space ones especially. I imagine there are more users to pick up. For that matter, I imagine that there are readers here who would like to pick me up. Please do; I’m tired of reporting bots for spam.

Remember, @rfmcdpei!

Written by Randy McDonald

December 30, 2009 at 7:02 pm

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