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[NEWS] Four Globe and Mail links

I’ve mentioned that I like the Globe and Mail, right?

  • Columnist Margaret Wente doesn’t think much of Canadian federal Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff, arguing that partly because many Canadians can’t empathize with a public intellectual like Ignatieff, the Conservative Party has taken over Canadian centrism.
  • Ingrid Peretz writes about how the almost ridiculous toughening–criminalization, even–of normal crossings of the US-Canadian frontier is starting to separate the Québec community of Stanstead from its Vermont sister community of Derby Line.
  • The Toronto Humane Society, under new management, might euthanize most of the remaining two hundred animals in the shelter–apparently, mainly, animals with long-term conditions and otherwise unadoptable–before rebooting.
  • Doug Saunders writes about how the Moscow subway suicide bombings represents the latest spillover of the growing Russian war in the North Caucasus into Russia proper.

Written by Randy McDonald

March 30, 2010 at 8:03 pm

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