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[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

  • Daniel Drezner highlights a problem with collaboration between authoritarian state capitalist economies: there’s no recourse when corruption comes. See China in Venezuela.
  • Geocurrents discusses the ongoing flight of Hindus from Pakistan.
  • Language Log reflects 1, 2) on Rick Santorum’s statement that Puerto Rican statehood would require the adoption of English as an official language. Briefly, English is already an official language, and language requirements have never been involved in statehood anyway.
  • Laura Agustín at The Naked Anthropologist describes the pressures which encourage Chinese prostitutes to move to Malaysia.
  • Palun at Itching for Eestima notes the phenomenon of Estonian migration–often permanent–to Finland. Despite post-Soviet progress there are still severe gaps.
  • Otto Pohl notes interesting similarities between Soviet and South African nationality policies.
  • Registan considers the import of a Taliban killing of a Chinese student in Pakistan. Will this bring China into the border region?
  • Torontoist’s Hamutal Dotan takes issue with the inclination of even pro-light rail folks in Toronto for subways, pointing out that light rail is better-suited to the financial requirements and transport needs of subways. True, but subways are cool.
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