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[PHOTO] HMV, now only 333 Yonge Street

The HMV at Yonge and Dundas, has seen better days. Evan Davies’ oral history, published in The Grid in August of last year, gives an idea as to how exciting a store it was at its prime–well-stocked, well-organized–before a combination of ill-judged corporate policies and the growth of downloads of all legalities gutted it. The last time I visited the store it was a bit depressing, full of T-shirts and merchandise being sold at discount prices. The HMV is smaller, too: it used to occupy this entire building, which had the addresses of 333 Yonge Street (to left) and 329 Yonge Street (to right), but 329 Yonge Street was abandoned in a consolidation and is now going to house veteran Toronto comic shop the Silver Snail.



Written by Randy McDonald

April 24, 2012 at 2:01 pm

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