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[BLOG] Some Friday links

  • 80 Beats notes suggestions that odd carbon-14 ratios in classical Japanese manuscripts and records of a red cross in the night sky from Anglo-Saxon England indicate that there may have been a supernova visible from Earth in 774.
  • Extraordinary Observations is skeptical about the prospects for farming in urban areas in the United States, taken in isolation.
  • Anti-Semitic and anti-Romani sentiment in Hungary is detailed, those two populations’ histories explored, at Geocurrents.
  • A New APPS Blog post suggests that feminism might be unpopular with some men because they’re not familiar with working women in their own lives, drawing from the author’s personal experiences as well as broader analysis.
  • Border disputes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, and the underlying patterns of disorder they reflect, is the theme of a Registan post.
  • Technosociology suggests that the Muslim Brotherhood’s transparent communication of electoral results in Egypt may have been responsible for the acceptance of the vote by the military.
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