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[META] On transitioning from Livejournal

As a result of the ongoing changes in LiveJournal, I’ve decided to transition away from that platform to something more durable.

WordPress–where I already maintain a blog–and Dreamwidth are the front-runners at present. I’ll let everyone know where I end up.

Most importantly from my perspective, can anyone offer suggestions as to how I can transport my ten years’ archived posts from LiveJournal over to one or both destinations? WordPress.com’s online forums haven’t been much help of late, and I shudder to imagine what problems I could encounter at Dreamwidth. (No one will be surprised to learn that LiveJournal’s ability to export data is laughably bad. Here’s hoping my Semagic copy will be exportable.)



Written by Randy McDonald

October 31, 2012 at 12:24 pm

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