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[BLOG] Some Monday links

  • BlogTO featured remarkable before and after photos of the booming South Core neighbourhood of Toronto, among the new condos on Bay Street by the harbour.
  • Charlie Stross examines the basic thinking of environmentalism, and finds it lacking. As George Carlin said, the Earth doesn’t need saving; rather, we need saving from the Earth. Envirnomentalism as enlightened self-management works.
  • Centauri Dreams discusses the sorts of environments where life might find refuge on a planet as its sun overheats, like our Earth in a billion years’ time or any number of exoplanets. (Deep ocean trenches, high lakes, and cave systems rank highly.)
  • Eastern Approaches examines politics in Romania and Ukraine, finding much lacking.
  • At False Steps, Paul Drye describes Soviet space planners’ preferred plan for sending cosmonauts to the Moon, and how it could have launched regardless (the Soviet leadership would have had to have seen space travel as non-propagandistic).
  • As part of Geocurrents’ ongoing examination of the origins of the Indo-European language family, Martin Lewis argues that, based on what we know about the productive capabilities of early agricultural civilizations and actual patterns of language diversity, imagining that Indo-European developed in a vast area at once–even a largish one–is ridiculous.
  • Marginal Revolution’s Tyler Cowen engages with the music documentary Searching for Sugar Man, about a minor Detroit-based artist who became a huge star in South Africa.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer doesn’t think that a court decision in the United States seizing Argentine government property against that country’s foreign debts will come to much in the end, since the general consensus of courts around the world–especially on appeal–has been that the property can’t be seized.
  • Supernova Condensate links to a cool short film describing life at the bottom of a space elevator in the nearish future.
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