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[BLOG] Some Monday links

  • As mentioned previously, Charlie Stross asks what the big issues of 2013 will be.
  • Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait writes about a magnetar’s blast fifty thousand years away that, eight years ago, swamped our solar system with radiation.
  • Centauri Dreams’ Paul Gilster links to and comments upon a Martin Beech paper examining the history of studies and speculation about Alpha Centauri.
  • Daniel Drezner is unimpresed by the Republican Party’s lack of learning about foreign policy.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money’s bloggers are unimpressed by Naomi Wolf’s claims about FBI coordination of anti-Occupy campaigns and started a discussion about which countries give indigenous peoples the right to cross international frontiers at will.
  • New APPS Blog gets the importance of the Idle No More movement.
  • Eugene Volokh asks his commenters, drawing from a recent custody case involving a Singaporean family, whether Islamic family law should automatically invalid international custody claims.
  • Whatever’s John Scalzi celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the publication of his novel Old Man’s War.
  • Window on Eurasia comments upon a recent Russian study demonstrating that the numbers of guest workers in Russia are much smaller than often mooted in the public press.

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