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[BLOG] Some Monday links

  • Burgh Diaspora notes the migration of Spanish professionals to Morocco. (It’s close and the cost of living is low.)
  • Daniel Drezner, in contrast to other writers, has become somewhat more dovish since the Iraq War, but not that much more.
  • At the Everyday Sociology Blog, Jonathan Wynn examines the sociological settings of the coverage of the Steubenville rape trials. Among other things, he suggests that the search for novelty, more than an insensitivity to the victim, played a role in CNN’s infamous coverage.
  • At A Fistful of Euros, Alex Harrowell argues that the British government’s diagnosis of the problems with the British economy is fundamentally flawed, with obvious implications for the recovery of the British economy.
  • Geocurrents’ Asya Pereltsvaig examines the fascinating birch bark documents from the medieval Russian state of Novgorod.
  • GNXP’s Razib Khan notes the evidence of substantial non-European ancestry among South Africa’s Afrikaners.
  • Language Hat notes the influence of the Polish language and Roman Catholicism in early modern Ukraine.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money’s Erik Loomis starts an interesting discussion of ethnonational identity, history, and social class in culture from a book on Mexican food.
  • Supernova Condensate considers the possibility of life evolving on worlds orbiting bright, massive stars. Planets, at least, seem able to form even around the brightest …
  • Technosociology’s Zeynap Tufekci discusses the right of children to privacy.
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