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[BLOG] Some Monday links

  • Budding Sociology Dan Hirschman describes income inequality in the United States in the post-Second World War era in multiple charts, coming to the conclusion that since the 1980s income growth has been stagnant for all but the superrich.
  • The Burgh Diaspora’s Jim Russell warns Toronto that education won’t necessarily translate into economic growth, looking at the Oregon city of Portland’s high level of education but equally high level of under-employment.
  • Eastern Approaches deals with the impact of Pope Francis on the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.
  • Geocurrents’ Asya Pereltsvaig examines another split group of Judaism, the Karaites, taking particular interest in the Turkic-speaking Crimean Karaim.
  • Joe. My. God takes another look at the same-sex marriage situation in Vietnam. Apparently there will no longer be fines levied for unauthorized marriage ceremonies, and a same-sex marriage law will come up in the country’s parliament next year.
  • At Lawyers, Guns and Money, Erik Loomis criticizes gun fetishism among the left.
  • Science fiction writer Peter Watts points out that claims a sort of mechanical telepathy was demonstrated in a pair of widely-separated rats were overstated.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer describes how, as Mexican wages are surpassed by Chinese wages, Mexico is starting to accumulate more manufacturing jobs but not better-paid manufacturing jobs.
  • Registan’s Joshua Foust speculates as to why Kazakhstan has a good reputation internationally despite its domestic autocracy.
  • The Search’s David Riecks notes how social networking systems like Facebook can strip useful metadata from photos posted online.
  • Torontoist’s Carly Maga describes how Toronto has become a destination of choice for American poker players after a crackdown two years ago.
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