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[BLOG] Some Thursday links

  • blogTO’s Chris Bateman starts a discussion as to what should be done with the Gardiner Expressway.
  • Centauri Dreams takes a look at solar system navigation from the radio signals of pulsars.
  • The Dragon’s Tales points to a paper suggesting ways that astronomers could resolve planets in habitable-zone orbits orbiting nearby Sun-like stars, like Alpha Centauri A and B.
  • Daniel Drezner considers trust in the state, particularly in the context of PRISM and the surveillance of Internet communications by the American government. (Trust does not seem warranted.)
  • Eastern Approaches notes that the intersection of politics with the modernization of Poland’s energy infrastructure does bad things there.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer takes a look at political procedure in the Colombian congress.
  • At The Search, Leslie Johnston takes a look at pre-Internet online communities, like BBSes and Compuserve and Usenet.
  • Technosociology’s Zeynep Tukefci writes about how Gezi Park’s demonstrators have organized themselves.
  • Window on Eurasia notes polls suggesting that Georgians, despite the more recent wars, are less worried by challenges to their country’s territorial integrity than Azerbaijanis.
  • Yorkshire Ranter Alex Harrowell confirms that David Goodhart is not to be trusted when he talks about immigration, not at all.
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