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[BLOG] Some Saturday links

  • blogTO reviews Weird Things, a new gallery of oddities on Bathurst above Bloor, and shares the good news that games cafe Snakes & Lattes is opening a game bar on College called Snakes & Lagers.
  • Centauri Dreams anticipates the discoveries coming from Ceres and Pluto when their destined space probes arrive in a couple of years.
  • Joe. My. God. notes that American congressman Aaron Schock, known for his anti-gay politics as well as certain things hinting at being in the closet, has made his Instagram account private after being outed.
  • Language Log tracks the meaning and usage of the term “86”.
  • Marginal Revolution notes a recent study in legal pluralism in the Ottoman Empire (different religious minorities adopted different civil codes for commercial and other reasons, why?) and finds the largest shadow economies in the different states of the US.
  • Torontoist’s David Wencer looks at Toronto’s first gangland killing, that of bookie Jimmie Windsor in 1939.
  • Towleroad touches upon the struggles of intersex children regarding their right to determine their gender and their genitalia at their own pace, and notes that Navajo are fighting for marriage equality in their large reserve.
  • Transit Toronto notes that a water pipe breakage at Yonge and Bloor has flooded the subway station and brought chaos to the TTC.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy’s Stewart Baker links to and comments upon a New Yorker article examining the slow but real communications and intelligences of plants, and what they might mean for our own technological future.
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