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[META] Some Blogroll Additions

It’s that time of the year again.

  • Caitlin Kelly’s Broadside Blog deals with journalism and writing. A recent post of hers, “20 lessons New Yorkers learn”, describes things that New Yorkers new and old have to learn to survive.
  • Cody Delistraty’s blog is concerned with matters of writing and culture. One post argues that, as a result of preservationism and conservatism in France, Paris has become something of a cultural backwater.
  • Will Baird has a new blog devoted to exoplanets, The Dragon’s Gaze. A recent post highlights a paper suggesting that it is possible to explain the formation of low-mass planets like Mars if the solar nebula was depleted at the time of formation while the big gas giants were in place.
  • Michael Sacasas’ The Frailest Thing examines the intersections of technology and culture. One recent post wonders how useful it is to talk about introversion versus extroversion in relation to online presences.
  • Thought Catalog is an online magazine with an eclectic collection of article. One, by Chris Malecki, tries to start a discussion about gender identity.
  • Writing Through the Fog is Cheri Lucas Rowlands‘s lovely blog, combining thoughtful writing and beautiful photos. Her most recent post examining her creative process as when she writes for herself as opposed to other people is quite nice.
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