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[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

  • The Burgh Diaspora’s Jim Russell observes the fine scale of globalization’s movements, which connect nations not so much as they do neighbourhoods.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze revisits the Kepler-9 system and notes the disintegrating sub-Mercury planet that is KIC 12557548b.
  • The Dragon’s Tales notes that waves have been detected on Titan’s Punga Mare.
  • Eastern Approaches takes a look at Slovakian politics.
  • Far Outliers revisits the massive volcanic eruption that hit the Melanesian island of New Britain circa 600 CE.
  • The Numerati’s Stephen Baker wonders if his new novel The Boost is anti-Chinese simply by describing a hegemonic China not acting differently from the United States. (I must read the book.)
  • Strange Maps notes a Turkish exclave in Syria–a tomb of an ancient Turkish hero–that might bring Turkey into the Syrian civil war.
  • Towleroad notes a study suggesting that crystal meth use accelerates the progress of HIV/AIDS in users.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy’s Eugene Volokh notes the death of a Ukrainian soldier on a base stormed by Russian soldiers in Crimea.
  • Window on Eurasia notes the fears of many Crimean Tatars of Russian rule.
  • Yorkshire Ranter Alex Harrowell shares his eclectic list of recommended blogs.
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