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[FORUM] What do you do when the world is getting you down?

Broadsides’ Caitlin Kelly had a post up asking her readers what they did when the news got them down.

The world is, obviously, filled with beauty and grace and joy, with people who get up every morning and give their best to those around them.

But, really, my dears, this wears me down.

Then what?

Tune out? Become more politically active? Stop caring? Care more? Write a letter to the editor? Blog it? Blog it again…and again…and again…?

Write a check to a charity?
Rant to others on social media?

Or just…not care?

I’d have posted my answer there if I had any idea. I’m hoping you’ll do me better, in posting here or there. What do you do?

Written by Randy McDonald

September 2, 2014 at 3:53 am

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