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[BLOG] Some Wednesday links

  • blogTO notes the ongoing demolition of Regent Park.
  • Centauri Dreams and D-Brief look at the dense ring system and possible early satellite of J1407b.
  • Crooked Timber’s Daniel Davies considers likely scenarios for Greece.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze links to the Kepler-444 discovery paper and links to another one suggesting that giant planets in inner orbits block super-Earths from migrating inwards, perhaps explaining why we have Uranus and Neptune.
  • Joe. My. God. notes that Ben Carson has doubled down on his statement about bakers poisoning wedding cakes.
  • Language Hat takes issue with the claim that languages are being simplified over time.
  • Marginal Revolution starts a discussion about the thought of economist and Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis.
  • The Planetary Society Blog shares images of Ceres.
  • Progressive Download happily notes that creationism is much less popular in the United Kingdom than previously feared.
  • Towleroad notes a lawsuit in China lodged on the unfair dismissal of someone on grounds of sexual orientation.
  • Window on Eurasia has hope that there won’t be an open Russian invasion of Ukraine.
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