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[BLOG] Some Tuesday links

  • Centauri Dreams looks at the reheated gas giant orbiting white dwarf WD 0806-661.
  • The Dragon’s Tales notes the poor state of the oceans in the Permian.
  • Geocurrents maps the right-wing nationalist note in the 2015 Turkish election.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money notes the rapid and thorough success of the gay rights movement.
  • Personal Reflections’ Jim Belshaw considers the Greek crisis with reflections on Australia.
  • The Russian Demographics Blog maps population losses in Ukraine over 1939-1948.
  • Torontoist features a journalistic piece looking at a day in the life of a firefighter.
  • Towleroad notes that Christian protesters in South Korea were unable to shut down pride there.
  • Understanding Society considers quantum physics’ effects on the mind.
  • The Volokh Conspiracy announces a legal history panel at next year’s medieval conference at Kalamazoo.
  • Whatever’s John Scalzi celebrates same-sex marriage in the United States.
  • Window on Eurasia argues Ukraine should continue to resist and finds risible Russia’s nullification of the 1954 transfer of Crimea to Ukraine.
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