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[LINK] “Impacts of and responses to the dense smoke haze from #Indonesia”

Maximos’ Blog features a post looking at the devastating Indonesian forest fires which periodically sweep Southeast Asia with smoke, their origins, and their possible solutions.

Through the night of 8 October, 2015, Singapore had some drenching rain bringing some respite from the dense smoke haze that had hung over Singapore for the last few weeks. Rains over parts of Sumatra in particular, and a shift in local winds have brought clear skies and sunshine, yet the problem is by no means at an end. Fires still burned across Sumatra and Kalimantan.

On my way out to enjoy the respite and do a little shopping at Tekka Market, I struck up a conversation with one of the security personnel who work in my 30 story condominium. We often chat. She came from Pulau Bintan in Indonesia, around 40 kilometres away, and it’s another opportunity to speak Indonesian.

“When the it reaches 300 in Singapore people worry and many wear masks. In Kalimantan and Sumatra it’s often much higher. It was about 1900 in Kalimantan last week,” she reminded me.

“Yes and over 500 in Palembang,” I added. “It’s climbing again here.”

“The smoke has blown north to Thailand and Vietnam, I heard it on the radio.”

“For the moment but it’s on the way up again here,” I said.

“It’s only moderate,” she replied.

“No it’s more than that already,” I said, reaching for my iPhone with the AQI app installed. “Here, look, PM2.5 is 148.”

That was two hours ago, now PM 2.5 is at an unhealthy 155. Comparing this with the inner Sydney station of Rozelle, close to my Australian home I see that by contrast the Sydney station is at an AQI of 32.

Much more there. Go, read.

Written by Randy McDonald

October 14, 2015 at 9:46 pm

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