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[BLOG] Some Thursday links

  • Anthropology.net notes a finding suggesting that Neanderthals deliberately used rocks rich in manganese dioxide to start fires.
  • Centauri Dreams considers what could be false signs of life.
  • The Crux notes the stone-throwing chimpanzees.
  • D-Brief suggests that a fungus was the first form of life to make it onto land.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze notes exceptionally eccentrically-orbiting gas giant HD 7449Ab.
  • The Dragon’s Tales notes Russian competition to build India a new aircraft carrier.
  • Language Hat notes the complexities of literary translation.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money points to a Robert Farley article imagining an Anglo-American war in the early 1920s.
  • The Map Room Blog links to a map of Euroskepticism in the United Kingdom.
  • Marginal Revolution tries to map European place names with the word saint in them.
  • The NYRB Daily despairs for the American party system.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer notes the indirect ways in which repealing NAFTA could pay for a US-Mexican border wall.
  • Spacing notes how parks can change cities.
  • Arnold Zwicky considers a variety of geographic areas with indeterminate boundaries, like the South and northeast Asia.
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