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[BLOG] Some Sunday links

  • Bad Astronomy notes Ceres’ unusually large mountain, Ahuna Mons.
  • Crooked Timber wonders if there are too many callbacks to history in the current American presidential campaign.
  • The Dragon’s Gaze links to a paper comparing the makeup of T Tauri stars in Taurus and Orion.
  • Lawyers, Guns and Money wishes Obama could run again.
  • Marginal Revolution notes the unpopularity of Trump among Mormons.
  • The Power and the Money’s Noel Maurer explains why tactical voting is not much of a thing, looking to Kasich and Rubio.
  • Torontoist again reports from spring training for the Toronto Blue Jays in Florida.
  • Transit Toronto notes the spread of WiFi throughout the subway network, Dufferin remaining an anomaly.
  • Arnold Zwicky notes the comics of the Maya, prized artifacts.
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