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[BLOG] Some Monday links

  • Antipope considers the question of who would win in a battle to the end, Cthulhu or Warhammer 40K’s Emperor of Mankind?
  • blogTO shares history and photos of Humber Bay Shores and the Scarborough Bluffs.
  • Joe. My. God. notes Donald Trump’s attack on the Japanese-American alliance.
  • Language Hat reports on how speakers of the Aboriginal language of Murrinhpatha point out directions.
  • Marginal Revolution starts a discussion on the Faroe Islands.
  • George R.R. Martin announces that his Wild Cards universe is set to come to television.
  • Window on Eurasia argues Americans are recognizing Putin’s regime as negative, looks at pro-Russian Ukrainian journalists, and observes how Russia’s invasion has not affected the identity of Ukraine’s Russophones.
  • Arnolz Zwicky celebrates (1, 2) British actor Ianto Jones.
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