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[URBAN NOTE] “TTC riders say 10-cent fare hike means paying more for less”

Everything that the CBC reports about the regressive effects of the impending TTC fare increases is correct.

Toronto Transit Commission riders told the TTC board on Monday that a 10-cent fare increase would mean paying more for less service.

But the transit agency’s board approved the fare hike, which is set to begin in 2017, anyway.

The increase affects the single adult ride fare, which will increase from $2.90 per token to $3. All other fare media, including Presto rides and weekly and monthly passes, will also be increased proportionately, with the exception of cash, which was raised from $3 to $3.25 in 2016.

Butterfly Gopaul, a Toronto resident, said the fare increase, combined with any cuts in service, would affect the working poor in marginalized communities.

“On the ground level, people don’t know this is happening,” she told CBC Toronto on Monday.

Gopaul, who was concerned in particular about cuts to the 35 Jane bus, spoke to the TTC board before it met to discuss its 2017 budget. The TTC faces a shortfall of $61 million if the 10-cent fare increase is approved by the board. The fare increase would raise an estimated $27 million. The TTC shortfall is partly due to a decline in TTC ridership and a growth in the number of people using Wheels-Trans.


Written by Randy McDonald

November 21, 2016 at 6:30 pm

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