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[ISL] The Guardian’s Dave Stewart on Island bread from the Middle East

The Guardian‘s Dave Stewart notes the impact of Middle Eastern immigration, from Lebanon and Syria, on the bread scene of Charlottetown.

A Syrian immigrant walks into Royal Pita Bakery in Charlottetown, takes a breath and said the scent of fresh bread reminds him of home.

A couple from Lebanon opened the province’s first pita bakery earlier this year, and it appears to be a hit with locals and immigrants.

“It feels like home,’’ said Ismail Alahmad, who spoke to The Guardian through an interpreter after he had purchased 20 bags of pita bread.

“It just smells like home back in Syria. It’s been 40 years that I’ve been eating this same bread so when I (moved to Charlottetown) it was like Yesssss!,’’ he added, pumping his fist into the air.

The bakery is owned and operated by Toufic Houchane and his wife, Maud.

“Nobody had the guts to do that,’’ Toufic Houchane said when asked why he and his wife opened the bakery. “We were looking as a family, using our past experience with bread and the Middle Eastern authentic bread. It’s a must that we should have a pita bakery on the Island and why not. Make it affordable to everybody.’’

Houchane said pita bread sold in traditional supermarkets on the Island is shipped frozen. Their bread is made in store by machines he had shipped from Lebanon.


Written by Randy McDonald

November 22, 2016 at 5:00 pm

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