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[ISL] “Vandals damage Irish monument on Charlottetown waterfront”

CBC News’ Nancy Russell reports on the senseless damage caused to a monument to Irish immigrants in Charlottetown. Alas, I’ve never been there to see it. Hopefully next time I’m on the Island it’ll be in fine shape again.

A monument on the Charlottetown waterfront honouring P.E.I.’s Irish settlers needs substantial repairs after vandals appear to have driven over the stonework.

“It’s a bad damage that has been done and it has to be repaired somehow,” said Michael Hennessey, secretary of the Celtic Heritage Association which helped to raise $230,000 to build the Irish Settlers Memorial.

“I’d like to see it repaired and put back in the condition that it was in originally.”

The monument overlooks the Charlottetown Harbour, just off the boardwalk, behind the Culinary Institute of Canada.

The centrepiece of the memorial is a 3.7-metre-tall cross modeled on the Cross of Moone in Ireland. There is a stone bench, as well as 32 flagstones arranged in a circle, from each of the counties where the 10,000 P.E.I. settlers came from in the 18th and 19th century.


Written by Randy McDonald

November 22, 2016 at 3:45 pm

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