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[PHOTO] Three photos from The Edge of the Earth, Ryerson Image Centre

The latest exhibition at the Ryerson Image Centre, The Edge of the Earth, is an exhibtion of unsettling photography looking at the ways humanity has changed the Earth in the Anthropocene, and the way the Earth looks now.

Peter Goins’ 1988 photograph of the cone that marks the site where the Trinity bomb exploded in 1945 is stunning in its simplicity.

From Peter Goins, Trinity Test Site (June 1988) #toronto #ricearth #petergoins #trinity

Benoit Aquin’s photo of an Inner Mongolian city swept by a dust storm in 2006 likewise says much.

From Benoit Aquin, Equestrian Statue of Genghis Khan, Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, 2006 #toronto #ricearth #innermongolia

The nearly cartographic precision of Mishra Jenner’s overhead photo of a Texas county criss-crossed by oil fields is stunning.

From Mishra Jenner, Watson Oil Field, Yoakum County, Texas #toronto #ricearth #texas

This exhibition is running until the 4th of December. I highly recommend it.


Written by Randy McDonald

November 25, 2016 at 11:45 am

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