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[URBAN NOTE] “Comic Book Store The Beguiling Plans Move to Kensington Market”

Torontoist’s David Hains looks at the impending move of The Beguiling from Mirvish Village to College Street near Kensington Market.

Longtime Mirvish Village institution The Beguiling will close its Markham Street digs on January 28.

The venerable comic book store has been at its current location since 1992, after it moved from its original Harbord Street location where it was founded in 1987.

The store, which specializes in independent comics as well as original art, will relocate to College and Spadina at 319 College Street, just north of Kensington Market. The College Street location might have a casual opening sometime in December, but will be open for regular business on January 3.

[. . .]

The Beguiling isn’t the only comic book store affected by the Honest Ed’s development. Its children’s comics store, Little Island Comics, located on Bathurst Street, will close. In a Facebook post announcing the changes, The Beguiling says that much of Little Island’s selections will be available at Page and Panel, its store located in the Reference Library. In a phone call with Torontoist, store owner Peter Birkemoe says that the Little Island brand will live on in some form in the future, but that there are no current plans for it to have a physical location.

The 319 College Street location will have about 20 per cent less square footage than the existing store, but Birkemoe says the store layout will be better, which will make for easier browsing. The store will be on one floor, and it will mark the first time The Beguiling is fully accessible.


Written by Randy McDonald

November 29, 2016 at 4:45 pm

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