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[ISL] “Hundreds rally for electoral reform on P.E.I.”

CBC News’ Natalia Goodwin notes a major protest in Charlottetown calling on the Island government to honour the results of the recent referendum on changing the electoral system to one based on proportional representation.

An estimated 300 people gathered in front of the Coles Building in Charlottetown Tuesday night to voice discontent over how the results of the recent plebiscite on electoral reform were handled.

There were chants of “Honour the vote” throughout the hour-long protest. People even brought pots and pans to bang on; they were loud and they were angry.

“This is bullying, and I don’t take well to bullying and I really will stand up to bullying,” said protestor Greg Bradley

“King Wade wants to keep things the way they are and people want change and we’re not allowed to have a voice it seems.”

The noise from the crowd got even louder as the MLAs began to return to the legislature for the evening sitting. Some stopped to hear what speakers were saying and engage in debate and questions with rally goers. There were many speakers including representation from all four parties on P.E.I.


Written by Randy McDonald

November 30, 2016 at 5:30 pm

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