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[URBAN NOTE] “Mayor Tory promises to ‘fight against’ property tax hike in 2017”

CBC News’ Ramna Shahzad confirms that Tory’s turnaround on road tolls has not been matched by support for more property taxes.

Toronto Mayor John Tory announced on Monday that he will ensure property tax increases for 2017 will be recommended to city council at or below the rate of inflation.

“We want to allow people to stay in their homes, allow people to have the finances to be in a home when they can, and a big part of that is keeping their property taxes under control,” said Tory from the front steps of a home in the Weston neighbourhood.

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When Tory ran for mayor, he pledged not to raise property taxes to pay for his SmartTrack plan. This fall, after city staff released a report recommending a 2.1 per cent property tax increase to pay for the transit project, Tory repeated that promise, saying he would look other ways to raise revenue to pay for transit.

“Property taxes are a predictable reliable and fair way to raise money for day-to-day services whether it be fire or policing or parks and recreation programs … but they are not the right tool for major capital projects,” said Tory Monday.

In order to build $33-billion worth of transit and infrastructure projects that are currently unfunded, there would have to be a massive increase in property taxes year after year, Tory said Monday.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 5, 2016 at 7:15 pm

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