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[URBAN NOTE] “More schools needed near Toronto condos to keep up with family boom”

The Globe and Mail‘s Caroline Alphonso describes the new challenges for Toronto’s newly condo-heavy neighbourhoods, now full with families with young children. Where exactly will these go to school?

Among parents living in Toronto condominiums, Natasha Tysick counts herself lucky.

School boards have struggled to keep pace with the boom in high-rise construction, meaning many children are bused several kilometres through city streets because existing schools have been filled to the brim.

But there is a giant hole in the ground near Ms. Tysick’s condo, so she is hopeful.

A Catholic and a public elementary school are scheduled to open steps from her downtown complex in 2019. Her five-year-old daughter, Sofia Spoltore, will be a three-minute walk from school, as opposed to a 10-minute drive. The complex, known as CityPlace, is near the base of the CN Tower.

“It will bring this community together,” Ms. Tysick said. “When we first moved [here], there weren’t too many children. Now you see so many kids.”


Written by Randy McDonald

December 5, 2016 at 8:00 pm

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