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[ISL] “Nuns not giving up on Summerside convent: priest”

CBC News’ Shane Ross reports that some nuns hoping set up in Summerside are hoping to still continue on despite the rejection of their convent’s location by the city.

Nuns from Ontario still have faith they can establish a convent and daycare in Summerside, according to a local priest who has been helping them.

The nuns’ request to rezone a property on South Drive was rejected this week by Summerside city council.

“Obviously they’re disappointed in the decision but they’re still committed to coming to Summerside so would like to try something else,” said Father Chris Sherren of St. Paul’s Church in Summerside.

Some neighbours opposed the rezoning because they were concerned about traffic from the daycare.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 9, 2016 at 6:15 pm

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