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[URBAN NOTE] “Daycare fees in Toronto jump 15 per cent in two years, survey finds”

The Toronto Star‘s Laurie Monsebraaten reports on the exceptionally high cost of childcare in Toronto. It is difficult for me to imagine how this lack of affordability fits with public priorities at all.

Toronto mother Crystal Hunt is losing money every day she works because the cost of daycare for her baby and toddler is more than she earns in take-home pay.

“I had an opportunity to work for this amazing company,” says Hunt, 33, who took an entry position with the e-commerce company Shopify this fall.

“I needed to be in the workforce. If I waited until my kids were in school, my skills would be null and void. And I can’t afford to go to school again. We have a mortgage.”

Monthly fees for Hunt’s two boys — Ethan, 16 months, and William, 3 — are more than $2,600 in after-tax dollars, “my entire salary,” she says.

Hunt and her husband Jonathan are not alone in their struggle to pay for child care in Toronto, where parent fees are still the highest in the country, according to the third annual survey of child care fees in Canada’s largest 28 cities.

Median monthly fees in the city top $1,649 for infants, $1,375 for toddlers and $1,150 for preschoolers.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 13, 2016 at 6:30 pm

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