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[URBAN NOTE] “After Oakland, what’s the future for warehouse parties in Toronto?”

blogTO’s Phil Villeneuve writes about the future of the warehouse party in Toronto, in the wake of the Oakland Ghost Ship catastrophe. Is Toronto in line for a similar disaster?

Mario Angelucci, Acting Chief Building Official for the city of Toronto says warehouse parties in the city are mostly legal, as long as they adhere to Ontario Fire Codes.

“When events are proposed in warehouses, the City reviews the proposal to ensure the buildings meet all of the fire and life safety requirements.” Angelucci explains.

“These requirements include… exits, emergency lighting, early warning systems, smoke control measures, and fire and life safety plans,” he says. These are tools to get people out of the building safely in case of emergency.

Angelucci says often temporary measures to ensure life safety are put in place or one-off events in warehouses, which are treated with the same diligence as any event in a non-traditional space.

They have alternatives to help organizers install things to make sure people are safe the night of the event.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 18, 2016 at 8:00 pm

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