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[LINK] “The big chill on eco charities”

NOW Toronto‘s Adria Vasil writes about how environmentally-concerned charities are still facing tax audits.

The political harassment of environmental groups was slated to end when Justin Trudeau was elected, according to the Liberal Party platform.

But a year into the Liberal government’s mandate, roughly a dozen of the 60 environmental charities that were swept up in Harper-era “political activity” audits continue to face government scrutiny.

Some, like the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, are still under audit. A handful, including Environmental Defence, that are threatened with having their charitable status revoked, are mid-appeal.

Any charity that spends more than 10 per cent of its resources on “political activity” – which could include telling its members to contact their MPs about a troubling new change to environmental regs – continues to be at risk of losing its charitable status.

The Trudeau government says a “new legislative framework” is in the works, promising to modernize the vague and arcane tax laws that haven’t changed since the late 1800s and restrict the amount of political activity charities can undertake.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 19, 2016 at 8:00 pm

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