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[URBAN NOTE] “Eglinton Ave. Toronto’s deadliest street: analysis”

The Toronto Star shares Luke Simcoe’s article noting how dangerous midtown’s Eglinton Avenue is.

This year, eight pedestrians have been killed on, or adjacent to, the east-west artery, according to a Metro analysis. No other roadway’s tally comes close.

The trail of pedestrian deaths extends as far west as Dufferin Street, but the majority of fatalities along Eglinton occurred in the east, where the road widens to as many as six lanes.

The victims include 63-year-old Grace Fryfogel, killed Oct. 20 at Eglinton and Hanna Road, as well as a construction worker run down Oct. 12 near Midland Avenue and an 81-year-old man on a mobility scooter, killed Oct. 5 at Eglinton and Winter Avenue.

The stats didn’t come as a surprise to residents who don’t believe the city is doing enough to address the problem.

The city’s new road safety plan largely ignores Eglinton. Save for a small portion in Etobicoke, speed limits on the road remain untouched, and it’s not included in the city’s list of pedestrian safety corridors, most of which are located downtown.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 22, 2016 at 8:00 pm

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