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[URBAN NOTE] “TTC phasing out paper stop schedules to save money”

Via blogTO, I came across Rahul Gupta’s Inside Toronto article noting the plans of the TTC to drop paper stop schedules. Why not? They were never useful anyways, smartphone apps being so much better.

The TTC has confirmed it will not continue to update bus stop schedule information, citing cost savings and making use of new technology.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green told Metroland Media Toronto the cash-strapped transit commission can save money from not having to print and install “thousands” of paper stop schedules as is required with regular route adjustments. Instead, Green suggested making use of one of many smartphone apps, which convey the TTC’s own open GPS data, to determine in real time when the bus is coming.

“Those without a smartphone can use the text function where available for next vehicle arrival and those without a cellphone at all could either use our website and trip planner,” said Green over email. “Or without any technology, they could always call TTC Customer Information at 416-393-4636 to get a schedule for that route on that day.”

That comes as little relief to Justin Van Dette, who recently organized a protest at the bus stop at the intersection of Woodbine Avenue and O’Connor Drive in early December, calling for the immediate replacement of the stop schedules for the 93 Woodbine route.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 22, 2016 at 7:15 pm

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