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[URBAN NOTE] “Newly-merged Stonewall Wilde’s still face obstacles in Ottawa’s gay village”

Jeremy Willard’s Daily Xtra article from early this month about Ottawa’s Stonewall Wilde’s gives me some hope this reconfigured LGBT shop can survive. I certainly think they’re doing the sort of thing they need to do for this niche business to survive, in a manner not unlike Toronto’s Glad Day.

As of Oct 1, 2016, the book and art store After Stonewall and the sex shop Wilde’s are now one business — Stonewall Wilde’s.

Following a crowdfunding campaign, the former Wilde’s, which was owned by Trevor Prevost was moved into the unoccupied space beneath Michael Deyell’s After Stonewall at 370 Bank St so that the two businesses can collaborate more easily, introduce new products and reduce their overhead costs.

“We are now able to start expanding on products and open up the space for more events,” Prevost says. “I think that connecting with the community more [through events] will increase traffic.”

They also intend to expand stock on both levels. The upper and lower levels have retained much of the character of the businesses on which they are based — upstairs is art, books and gift ideas and downstairs is all things sex. Some of the new stock on the lower level will be leather sex toys and gear (beginning January 2017) and artistic nude shots of men.

Christine Leadman, executive director of the Bank Street Business Improvement Area (BIA), says that with the economy being shaky and folks doing more of their shopping online, businesses in the Village — particularly small and queer-owned ones — are suffering a lot. She hopes Stonewall Wilde’s succeeds and thinks the merger was probably a good move.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 29, 2016 at 9:30 pm

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