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[URBAN NOTE] “Nothing old school about this corner store”

The Toronto Star‘s Vanessa Lu describes a corner store in Toronto’s East York that I hope will set a valuable trend for retail, if perhaps an exhausting one.

Zahra Dhanani never imagined she would become the owner of a convenience store.

She’s been a lawyer, social justice advocate, community activist — and even a DJ, organizing monthly Funk Asia nights.

But since last year, she and Mariko Nguyen-Dhanani, partners in love, life and business, have become the proprietors of a little corner store in East York.

Working 16-hour days for more than 400 days (they’ve just recently hired some part-time staff), the two women have a vision of turning their business at the corner of Lumsden and Westlake Aves., into a community gathering place.

Regulars are already coming in for daily lattes, along with cigarettes, bread and milk, but also unique gifts, local produce in warm weather and handmade goods featuring iconic images of Toronto.


Written by Randy McDonald

December 29, 2016 at 6:15 pm

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